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Background, CT Technique and CT interpretation

Bariatric surgery consists of a range of surgical and endoscopic procedures. Accurate interpretation of post-operative abdominal CT scans requires an understanding of the normal post-operative anatomy as well as potential complications of each type of surgical procedure. To master interpretation of these studies, interaction with full datasets has a higher yield than review of static images because of the complex 3-dimensional relationships in this clinical setting. The purpose of this exhibit is to review the range of post-operative complications in bariatric patients using full, interactive datasets to facilitate radiologists' understanding of the normal anatomic configuration and appearance of post-operative complications.


  • Pamela T. Johnson, MD

  • Behrooz Vaziri, MD

  • Nevil N. Ghodasara, MD

  • Elliot K. Fishman, MD, FACR



  • Franco Verde, MD

  • Thomas Magnuson, MD


Developer & Illustrator:

  • Sara Raminpour

  • Hannah Ahn

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