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To create an illustrated interactive 3 dimensional model of normal coronary artery segmental anatomy based on standardized segmentation defined by SCCT published guidelines. Additionally, aberrant coronary artery anatomy will be illustrated, using standardized normal coronary segmentation model as the foundation.

Content organization
Define and illustrate normal segmental coronary artery anatomy with case correlation. Define and illustrate aberrant coronary artery anatomy with case correlation. Describe relative frequencies, associations and clinical implications of aberrant coronary artery anatomy.

Understanding coronary artery anatomy as defined by the SCCT guidelines is essential to interpretation of coronary CTA. This exhibit aims to educate the radiologist with respect to normal and aberrant coronary anatomy through an artist's rendered 3D model and actual cases.


The introduction of 64 slice MDCT has made it possible to routinely image the coronary arteries with isotropic volume acquisition. The increased spatial and temporal resolution of 64 slice MDCT is changing how patients with suspected cardiac disease are evaluated. Many radiologists have had limited training with imaging of the coronary arteries and are not familiar with interpretation of these studies. This exhibit provides detailed and schematic medical illustrations, axial CT and state of the art 3D MDCT volume rendered images, animation, and interactive 3D models, which will demonstrate normal and aberrant anatomy of the coronary arteries in 3 dimensions. This interactive atlas will include a variety of cases, which demonstrate normal and variant anatomy, as well as coronary artery pathology.

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