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Coronary CT Angiography: Principles, Techniques, and Case Studies

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Cardiac CTA: Introduction

The introduction of 16 slice MDCT was soon followed by the introduction of 64 slice MDCT which was soon followed by the introduction of dual source CT. Each of these new technologies provided radiologists with the opportunity to improve classic CT applications as well as to develop new applications. With current state of the art scanners having a spatial resolution of under .4 mm and a temporal resolution of 83 msec (dual source CT) it is no suprise that cardiac CT angiography is the hottest CT study today. Whether the application be for suspected coronary artery stenosis, locating a suspected abberant coronary artery or to evaluate a bypass graft, CT is becoming a cornerstone in cardiac imaging. With this in mind we have created this exhibit dedicated to providing an outstanding educational opportunity in learning about Cardiac CT. Through a series of lectures, case studies, teaching files and pearls we hope that the exhibit will expand your knowledge on the subject and provide you with new insights into this ever changng field. If you have any thoughts or suggections on how to impriove the program please drop us a note.

Elliot K. Fishman M.D.

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