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Chest Syllabus

Aortic Aneurysm Detection/Evaluation
The Advantages of Multidetector CT Scanning with a Focus on CT Angiography
Coronary Artery Evaluation
Coronary Artery Calcification in Women: CT Scoring
CT Angiography-Thoracic Applications- Advanced Topics in CT Scanning
Coronary Artery Calcification Quantification
CT of the Pericardium
Early Lung Cancer Screening
Exam Technique and Protocols- Chest Multidetector CT
Imaging of Bony Thorax- Chest Multidetector CT
Multidetector Computed Tomography of Thoracic Pathology with an Emphasis on 3D Volume Rendering and CT Angiography
Multidetector Computed Tomography of the Tracheo-Bronchial Tree with Three-Dimensional Volume Rendering-a Problem Solving Tool
Multidetector Row Computed Tomography & 3D Volume Rendering For Adult Airway Imaging
Multidetector Row CT of the Thorax Data Management ;2D and 3D Visualization of Thoracic MDCT Data
Oncologic Imaging
Other Thoracic Applications Including 3D Airway Imaging and Aortic Dissection
Pericardial Varices: Depiction by 3DCT Angiography
The Pericardium-A Computed Tomography Perspective
Pulmonary Embolism Evaluation
Real-time visualization of Volume Data: Applications in CT Angiography
Single Detector (SDCT) vs. Multidetector (MDCT) in CT Angiography
Spiral CT of the Chest Part I : HRCT, Tumors and Nodules
Spiral CT of the Chest Part II: Pulmonary embolism, aneurysm and dissection
Technical Aspects- Chest Multidetector CT
Technical Aspects of CT Angiography
Thoracic Venous Structures
Virtual Bronchoscopy
Volume Rendering of the Pediatric Airway- A Problem Solving Tool

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