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Chest ❯ Lung Nodule (Smoker)

ProblemFollow up of a lung nodule in a smoker
ProtocolThe CT protocol for lung nodule follow up combines low dose CT with thin section CT. No contrast is needed. Please use both a standard CT reconstruction algorithm as well as a high resolution algorithm. Review cases in both axial and coronal planes
Pearls1.    The key is to look for any change in image size
2.    Review for new or additional nodules is important. Please review the images for the presence of adenopathy
3.    Please follow the Fleischner society guidelines for lung nodule followup and management
4.    Classic article is Guidelines for Management of incidental Pulmonary nodules Detected on cT images: From the Fleischner Society 2017 and lead author is Heber MacMahon and link is Radiology 2017;284:228–243. The key chart from the article is below

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