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Everything you need to know about Computed Tomography (CT)
Learning Modules
Topics and Features - Includes learning modules on CT contrast, anatomy, cardiac, and hot topics in CT.
Quiz of the month - Test your skills on our 10 case monthly quiz as well as review almost 10 years of prior quizzes. Text and Audio provided with each quiz.
Imaging Pearls - Key quotes from journal articles as well as key facts on CT and imaging. Each month bings 50-100 new "pearls" which can be viewed monthly or in a topic approach.
Journal club - The best articles each month are reviewed with an average of 20 articles a month. Prior selections for almost 10 years are available as well.
Medical Illustrations - Many of the key drawings and diagrams from our lectures and presentations can be found in this section well worth a look.
Upcoming CME - A listing of the best CME courses available which just happens to be our Hopkins CT courses.
Siemens Somatom Sessions - A quarterly publication from Siemens that is of interest to anyone following innovation in CT.
RSNA and ARRS Exhibits - Review in powerpoint format some of our best CT exhibits as presented at the RSNA and ARRS Annual meetings.