Specific Anatomic RegionLiver
ApplicationLiver transplant evaluation (donor)
AuthorFishman EK
Reference SourcePersonal Communication
Scanner UsedSiemens Plus4 Volume Zoom
KV / mAs / Time per Rotation (sec)120/150/.5
Detector Collimation (mm)1
Slice Thickness (mm)1.25
Data Reconstruction Interval (mm)1 mm and 1 and 5 mm (venous phase only)
Table Speed (mm per rotation) / Pitch6/6
Oral Contrast750 cc of water
IV Contrast Volume and Type120-150 cc of Omnipaque 350
Injection Rate3 cc/sec
Scan Delay (sec)25/50-60 sec
3D Technique UsedVolume rendering
This protocol is for the patient who is a liver donor. We obtain a set of venous phase images at 5 mm intervals to do volumetrics. Typically in adult to adult transplants, we do right lobe volume, and in adult to child transplants, we do lateral left lobe volumes.