Specific anatomic region Shoulder
Application Mass/Trauma
Author Elliot K Fishman, MD
Reference Source JHU Protocol
Scanner Used Siemens Sensation 64
KV/Effective mAs/ Rotation time (sec) 120/ 225 / 1.0
Detector Collimation (mm) 0.6
Slice thickness (mm) 3mm for filming
0.75 for 3D
Pitch 0.9
Kernel B31f medium smooth + : Abdomen window
B80s ultra sharp : Bone window
Reconstruction interval 3mm x 3mm ST and Bone
0.75mm x 0.5mm Bone
Image order (acquisition) Cr-ca
Oral contrast N/A
IV contrast volume and type 120 cc Omnipaque 350
Depends on history
Injection rate 2.5-3.0 cc/sec
Depends on diagnosis
Scan delay (sec) Depends on diagnosis
3D technique used Volume rendering
IV contrast used for soft tissue masses or trauma. For bone only studies IV contrast not usually needed.