Specific Anatomic Region Chest
Application R/O Occupational Lung Disease (asbestosis screening)
Author Elliot K. Fishman, MD and Paul Wheeler, MD
Reference Source JHU Protocol
Scanner Used Siemens Sensation 64
KV/Effective mAs/Rotation time (sec) 120/150/0.5
Detector Collimation (mm) 0.6
Slice Thickness (mm) 3-5
Pitch 0.9
Kernel 30 (soft tissue) and 80 (lung HRCT)
Reconstruction Interval 3
Image Order (acquisition) Cr-ca
Oral Contrast N/A
IV contrast volume and type None
Injection Rate N/A
Scan delay (sec) N/A
3D technique used N/A
Dr. Wheeler is a world class expert in Occupational Lung Disease and recommends 3-5 mm thick sections at lung and soft tissue windows with standard algorithm followed by nine .75 mm HRCT scan with HRCT algorithm (80 Kernel) spaced from the aortic arch through the lung bases. Both supine and prone images should be done.