Specific anatomic region Coronary
Application Coronary CTA - coronary artery disease
Author Elliot K Fishman, MD
Reference Source JHU Protocol
Scanner Used Siemens Sensation 64
KV/Effective mAs/ Rotation time (sec) Calcium scoring: 120 / 209 / 1.5 sec cycle time
Test bolus 120 / 40 / 2.0 sec cycle time
CTA 120 / 850 / 0.33 sec
Detector Collimation (mm) 0.6
Slice thickness (mm) 0.75mm (thin)
3.0mm (thick)
Pitch Calc score 18.0 feed
Test bolus 0.0mm feed
CTA 0.2mm
Kernel B25f smooth ++ mediastinum (calcium score)
B20f smooth mediastinum (test bolus)
B10f very smooth cardiac (thin)
B25f smooth ++ cardiac (thick)
B20f smooth cardiac (multi)
Reconstruction interval 0.5mm (thin)
3.0mm (thick)
0.6mm (multi)
Image order (acquisition) Cr-ca
Oral contrast N/A
IV contrast volume and type 100 cc of Visipaque 320
20 cc for test bolus
80 cc CTA
Injection rate 4 cc/ sec
Scan delay (sec) 10 sec test bolus
CTA depends on outcome of test bolus usually 25-30 sec
3D technique used VRT, MIP, & MPR
Also have protocol using 0.37 rotation time for patient with heart rates under 50 bpm.