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Cardiothoracic Manifestations of HIV/AIDS: An Anatomic Approach

Follow up PET/CT six days later

The axial fused PET/CT image of the lung demonstrates hypermetabolic cavitary masses in the left upper lobe with a hypermetabolic left hilar mass. The axial image of the upper abdomen shows bilateral hypermetabolic adrenal lesions. The coronal image demonstrates hypermetabolic lytic osseous metastases involving the lateral right seventh rib and left iliac bone. The coronal fused PET/CT image also demonstrates central necrosis of the right adrenal lesion. Pathology from left upper lobe resection revealed poorly differentiated squamous cell carcinoma with focal sarcomatoid features. The leading differential prior to biopsy was mycobacterial infection.

Follow up PET/CT six days later

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